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Product & service guidelines

Although we wish we could have everyone join us without any restrictions, we have to protect the integrity of our events as well as abide by the law.

- We cannot accept any vendors selling smoking paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, marijuana related artifacts, etc.

- We do accept CBD products except  for pre-rolls and flower. These can be misinterpreted as marijuana and that is at the moment, still illegal.


- We cannot accept any alcohol vendors at this time. The venue's we partner with sell the alcohol and we cannot accept any competition. We do however, accept partnerships & sponsorships Please email us at for more information.

- We do accept fresh juice vendors and any other non-alcoholic drink vendors such as: energy drinks, work out supplements, etc.

- We do accept food vendors. Each venue is different, so this may be different at every market. We will specify in every vendor invitation that goes out if we are accepting food vendors at that particular event.

- We cannot accept any vendors with products featuring full nudity. 

- This one should be a no brainer but we have to add it for legal reasons, we cannot accept anyone or any business soliciting sex.

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